Upgrade Unity Connection 8.5 to Unity Connection 8.6

Few notes about issues that can be encountered during an upgrade from Unity Connection 8.5 to 8.6.

Modification of Hardware Requirements :

Hardware requirements for Unity Connection have changed with version 8.6 :

With 8.6, you need 6GB of RAM memory instead of 4GB with 8.5.

If you don’t up the memory before the upgrade, the following error will be raised :

file list install * detail

file view install install_log_2013-09-

09/06/2013 21:57:07 refresh_upgrade|Check if the upgrade is allowed|<LVL::Info>
09/06/2013 21:57:07 refresh_upgrade|Validate hardware for the upgrade|<LVL::Info>
09/06/2013 21:57:07 refresh_upgrade|Hardware is supported for the upgrade|<LVL::Info>
09/06/2013 21:57:10 refresh_upgrade|Validate hardware for "connection" deployment|<LVL::Info>
09/06/2013 21:57:10 refresh_upgrade|File:/common/download/, Function: validate_upgrade_allowed(), This server is not supported for use with the version of "connection" that you are trying to install. For information on supported servers, see the applicable version of the "connection" Supported Platforms List at http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6509/products_data_sheets_list.html|<LVL::Error>
09/06/2013 21:57:10 refresh_upgrade|Final exit processing with result 1|<LVL::Info>

Refresh Upgrade COP file needed before upgrader 8.6

You need to install ciscocm.refresh_upgrade_v1.2.cop.sgn


Without it, the following error would be raised :

09/07/2013 12:51:48 refresh_upgrade|Validate from version|<LVL::Info>
09/07/2013 12:51:48 refresh_upgrade|********** Upgrade Failed **********|<LVL::Info>
09/07/2013 12:51:48 refresh_upgrade|*** Please install the Refresh Upgrade COP, and reattempt the upgrade ***|<LVL::Info>
09/07/2013 12:51:48 refresh_upgrade|************************************|<LVL::Info>
09/07/2013 12:51:53 refresh_upgrade|File:/common/download/, Function: validate_from_version(), Upgrade from not allowed|<LVL::Error>

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