Install/Upgrade Cisco Call Manager Business Edition 5000 9.1

I encountered some issues with the installation of the Cisco Call Manager Business Edition 5000 9.1.

1 – How to size the Virtual Machine to allow the installation of CUCM BE 9.1

To pass the hardware detection for CUCM BE 9.1 you need at least :

– 3 VCPU

– 6 GO RAM

– 180 GO Disk (with Thin Provisionning)

2 – Where to download the bootable version and which release you have to select :

First failed attempt :

I tried to make an installation with the release : UCSInstall_UCOS_9.1.1.20000-5.sgn.iso

I selected the Restricted version and not Unrestricted (UNRST) version. Be carefull with that, UNRST is done only for few countries where encryption of voice is not allowed. And with the UNRST version you can’t update a restricted version and Vice versa.

I downloaded this version on cisco website and made it a bootable version thanks  the following procedure from UC Corner :

But with this version I fell into the following error :

/usr/local/cm/script/cm-dbms-install install PortInstall /usr/local/cm/usr/local/cm /common/log/install/capture.txt failed


After few searchs on Internet, I find out that it seems that this release doesn’t work for Installation despite the “Make a non-bootable ISO image bootable procedure”.

So I looked for another version of 9.1 on Cisco Website but without success.

Second attempt :

So the direct installation in 9.X release didn’t work I tried to install a 8.5 Release that I had and update it in 9.1.
I had a CUCM 8 with the version, so I tried to update it with the UCSInstall_UCOS_9.1.1.20000-5.sgn.iso and after few minutes the installation failed with following message :

Error encountered: The selected upgrade is disallowed from the current version

After few searchs on Internet, I find out that before the upgrade in 9.X if you have a release before 8.6, you need to install first the following cop file :


“Refresh Upgrade COP file: For all upgrades from pre 8.6(x) to 8.6(x) and higher. This COP also permits the upgrade to recognize the unrestricted upgrade media or file. This is for UCM standalone, Unity Connection standalone, CUCMBE5k & IME. ”


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