Configure a Third-Party SIP device with CUCM

Introduction :

This post summurize the configuration to apply to register a third-party SIP device with Cisco CUCM.

CUCM configuration :

We need to configure :

  •  user (for its digest credential)
  • device (which is linked to the previous user)

User Configuration :

Go to User Management > End User :

Add a new user or select one from LDAP synchronisation (depending on your configuration)

For SIP usage, on the user you need to configure the fields :

Digest Credentials
Confirm Digest Credential

These fields must contain the SIP Authentication password also configured on your SIP Third-Party Device.

Device Configuration :

Go to Device > Phone

For the device configuration, you need to specify :

Third-Party SIP Device (Basic) as product type.
Digest User must be populated with the userId of the user previously defined.

Go back to user Configuration :

On the user configuration.
Add your device to the Controlled Device with Device Association button.

Example of Third Party device configuration with Thomson ST2030 :

To configure SIP Account on ST2030 web admin page, enter the following URL :

default login/password are administrator/784518

Go to Setup > VoIP Service > Basic Setup

And configure Profile 1 :

Configure the account with

Phone Number -> DN
Phone Name
Authentication ID -> CUCM userID
Password -> CUCM Digest Credential


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